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  • it´s easy! Let’s go to sleep in Paris, And wake up in Tokyo. Have a dream in New Orleans, Fall in love in Chicago!

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    I would go anywhere. I want to see everything. I guess if I had to pick a plan of attack, I would start with Africa. Make my way up through Europe and over to Asia. Go through Malaysia to get to Australia. Take another flight to South America and work my way back home. Maybe some day…

    ----- Emily 26.11.10 10:01

    There is no doubt I would have a sweet european tour and get to know the exquisite architecture there is to discover there!

    In fact I am thinking of a student exchange! If I wind it would surely help me being a hunter of the cool!

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    I’d go back to Japan for the new-years-day fukubukuro sales! It’s been too long!

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    Pack up and road trip it to Palenque, Mexico.

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    Japan and Taiwan …. I have in mind some delicious food and shopping!

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    I’d go by train through Europe, from east to west starting in the Ukraine and ending in Scotland

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    I would jump on plane out to Tahoe for some epic snowboarding!!

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    Hotswap Program

    Our Hot Transfer program is built to help companies that have customers on the phone that may not qualify for the primary offer and would be interested in fixing their credit. This program provides a way for companies to monetize their non-qualified customers by live transferring them to our call centers for a free consultation with the hopes of retaining them in one of our credit repair programs.

    Most companies have already paid the price for their leads and have not been able to provide a service based on poor or no credit. We can help take that sunken cost lead by monetizing it to our credit repair offer and providing you a great revenue source.

    Here is how it works:

    You will be paid for all clients that sign-up for the credit repair program. We also offer real-time detailed reporting that is ready and accessible when you are. It provides a snapshot of your transfer attempts, disposition of phone calls, as well as sales reporting.

    It is quick and easy to get set up with this program. Call today to discuss your situation and how we might build a strong partnership:

    Stan Bonnemort 801-204-5043 Ash SHOT womens High Boots in Nicekicks Cheap Price Cheap Sale Exclusive Classic Sale Online fP5zA4Dc2

    Lead Generation

    Our Lead Generation program works exceptionally when you have consumers who are in need of credit report repair, especially when those consumers may need a slight nudge in the form of a phone call to make the move to sign-up for credit correction services. Typically, the demographic of consumers that work best are those that are looking to purchase something which requires credit. Additionally, the consumers that work best are those which have just pulled their credit report and found that their credit is less than favorable to get a prime rate OR there is room for improvement on the rate which they did qualify for.

    Optimally, traffic can be driven directly to one of our collectors. This typically provides us with the highest quality lead and it provides you with the highest payout and ROI. In certain circumstances, we can take posted leads as well.

    Stan Bonnemort 801-204-5043

    Offline Affiliates

    Credit has never been more important to the American consumer than it is today. Join our crusade to bring a message of hope to all those struggling with the burden of bad credit.

    We are currently searching for Offline Media partners who wish to promote the services of Lexington Law through offline marketing channels:

    Payouts for media deals vary by media type and volume. We've found it best to discuss each deal on a case-by-case basis. Please call us today to discuss your situation and how we might build a strong partnership:

    Stan Bonnemort 801-204-5043

    Strategic Partnerships

    For enterprise-level companies looking to improve business and revenue, a strategic partnership with Progrexion could be a smart choice. We offer a variety of different solutions to help best monetize your current lead source to our credit repair solutions, providing you revenue for the referrals your company sends to us, plus referrals back to your company for customers who've repaired their credit.

    These are great tips!! My son will be two in May and in to many of the same things! Those Water Wonder books are GENIUS!



    Jess says

    I don’t have kids but recently completely a road trip with my two elderly grandparents and WOW we all could have used more distractions/entertainment.


    Brittany says

    Wow these are going to come in handy for our upcoming 7 hour flight from London back home to the East Coast! Thanks, Julie!



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    I feel like I could write a novel on this, since we’ve flown with my two year old now 20(!!!!) times! We don’t road trip often, but my travel tips are: 1. pack a large snack bag for each leg of the trip ahead of time. My snack bag – usually a big ziplock bag – always has a plastic trash bag, a bunch of napkins, and all of my go-to travel snacks: goldfish, pretzel sticks, those hands snacks where they can dip the breadsticks into fake cheese (a toddler dream come true! sometimes i mix it up and do PB or hummus and pretzels or carrots/apples too, nut the hand snacks are a novelty for us), lollipops, a small container of mini MMs (they’re fun to sort and the container is fun in itself), fruit snacks, a pb sandwich, and some mini chocolate chip cookies. my second plastic bag has all of our toys – basically target dollar spot sticker books and other trinkets, thomas mini trains, and cheaper toys I’ve stashed away from preschool parties/halloween/christmas/birthday party favors that are perfect to pull out for these kinds of things. also, the “first hundred” books with lots of pictures. with flights, I always try to bring stuff that can get lost without too many tears. I also have a tether for his lovey that clips on him, and has my contact information written on it in sharpie.


    These are so great! Thank you for sharing! And that’s so amazing you’ve flown so much with your little one. what a little champ! And serious props to you — I know travel is never stress-free!


    Stacy says

    Call Us +1.650.625.8200